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Welcome to the biggest collection of male physical check-up photos and videos on the Net! Take a closer look to real medical exams that include (but not limited to) such procedures as:
Check-up of breathing and blood pressure; Test of muscle and skeleton development; Physical examination of feet; Test of body`s temperature (rectal); Check-up of dick (cervix inspection) and balls; Rectal examination (anal probes, palpation and speculums); Prostata massage; Shaving; Pissing; Test of erection, cum and disinfection.

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Medical exam of Pepa
Video duration: 30 min / Photos: 234 / Added: 2009-12-13
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The female doctor started her exam by having Pepa lay down so she could feel his bare chest. When she was done, she told him to get take his underwear off so she could closely exam him better. As he was undressing, he felt very shy about being completely naked in front of a female doctor. She rubbed his penis, pulled on it, and closely examined it. The thought of not knowing what other embarrassing acts she was about to perform on him made Pepa uncomfortable and the curiosity of what was about to happen next had him feeling nervous!

Medical exam of Klark
Video duration: 17 min / Photos: 186 / Added: 2009-12-06
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Even fresh guys come to visit a doctor at least once a year to receive a physical examination. It depends only on a doctor how much time it will take and what procedures will include. This doctor was very disturbed by the problem of tumors of the large intestine. His attentive rectal examinations make the patients feel themselves VIPs.

Medical exam of Billy
Video duration: 38 min / Photos: 299 / Added: 2009-11-29
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Billy sat in his underwear during the first few moments of his physical. When the doctor told him to take them off, he did and felt rather embarrassed that he would have to be totally nude for his exam. The female doctor started to touch, poke, and roam her skilled hands up and down his body and stopping near the most embarrassing parts of the body. His ass needed a good thorough examination so the doctor told Billy to go ahead and bend over the table so she could take a closer look. She took out her medical tool, inserted it into Billy’s tight asshole and slightly stretched it out!

Medical exam of Ondrey
Video duration: 37 min / Photos: 290 / Added: 2009-11-22
Ondrey felt uncomfortable with each touch of the female doctors hands all over his nude body during his exam. He has never had a female doctor before, at least not until that moment. He wasn''t sure what to expect and left him feeling shy and uneasy with every procedure that the female doctor performed on him. As he complied with every demand of his doctor, he started to feel like he was being humiliated and became very nervous. There was nothing he wanted to do more than to leave that exam room but he couldn''t, he was defenseless and no where to go! This was the most embarrassing doctors appointment Ondrey has ever been to and he would not soon forget!

Medical exam of Gorya
Video duration: 19 min / Photos: 206 / Added: 2009-11-15

Medical exam of Sammy
Video duration: 45 min / Photos: 224 / Added: 2009-11-08
Sammy started his exam in his underwear but it didn''t take long before the doctor ordered him to remove them and get totally naked for the rest of the physical. She made him to unspeakable acts that made Sammy feel even more shy than he already was. The most embarrassing part of the examination was when he was told to bend over on the exam table and get a medical instrument inserted into his rectum and stretched out while a light was being shined on it! Sammy wished he was anywhere else but there at that moment! He never thought a routine physical would turn into the most embarrassing moment of his life!

Medical exam of Marat
Video duration: 18 min / Photos: 157 / Added: 2009-11-01
The nurse told Marat that they lost the results of his tests and asked him to see the doctor again, this time free of charge. When Marat has come in, he found out that his family doctor had gone on leave and a new physician received patients. But that was only a small part of surprise that expected the Marat further: The new doctor proved to be much more exacting.

Medical exam of Timmy
Video duration: 40 min / Photos: 318 / Added: 2009-10-25
Timmy didn''t think that a physical examination of his body by a doctor would be so humiliating until he was asked to take off his clothes by his female doctor. Timmy is a shy guy, so to be asked to stand naked while the woman doctor performed her full body examination, was extremely humiliating and embarrassing for him! He kept silent most of the exam as the doctor started the physical. He was forced to do things such as pee in a cup and subjecting his asshole to the doctors every medical procedure that she wanted to perform on him! There was no way for Timmy to escape this nightmare!

Medical exam of Carl
Video duration: 39 min / Photos: 239 / Added: 2009-10-18
The touch of the female doctors hands made Carl uneasy but when he was told to strip down nude, he felt completely embarrassed! Carl never had a female doctor before and he didn''t know what to expect! With every agonizing minute that passed, Carl wished that it would soon be over! This was humiliating and he was scared of the doctor was going to do next. She told him to bend over so she could inspect his ass. She used her fingers and a metal instrument to stretch his asshole out for a better inspection. Carl was scared of what else she was going to do to with him, all while feeling nervous and embarrassed!

Medical exam of Darek
Video duration: 19 min / Photos: 164 / Added: 2009-10-11
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Darek knew precisely that a physical examination is the best way to save the health. Moreover, for all the years he visited the doctor with one and the same aim, he learnt all stages of the examination. And a finger in the rectum couldn't surprise him. But even such an erudite person as Darek would be absolutely astonished by this doctor's actions!

Group Med Exams
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